• How The Wheatley Portfolio is empowering teachers...
  • “The unit themes were instrumental in giving me a vision for the entire year.”
  • “I was able to execute a comprehensive ELA curriculum rich in fiction and non-fiction texts.”
  • “Well-written and easy to follow. The terminology can be used as a benchmark for understanding each unit.”
  • “The thinking my students express in their interaction with the units is really something to behold.”

How Common Core’s Wheatley Portfolio helps you

The Wheatley Portfolio is the newly enhanced edition of our groundbreaking curriculum maps for implementing the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts. We’ve named it for the poet Phillis Wheatley, whose work inspires and whose story reminds us that reading, writing, and knowledge of great literature should be the possession of every child in America. This curriculum tool is comprised of 76 units spanning K-12. Every standard in the CCSS-ELA is addressed in these materials.

Tens of thousands of educators have relied on our original maps since 2010—longer than any other CCSS-based materials. Now our experienced teacher-writers are building upon that powerful and popular framework with “text studies” teachers can use to guide students through a close reading of important literary and informational texts. The text studies include text-dependent questions, performance assessments, and lists of academic vocabulary, along with customized opportunities to practice reading fluency.

Below is what you will find in The Wheatley Portfolio:

  • New Text Studies—a total of six “text study” exemplars of both literary and informational texts scattered across the grade spans. Units will be built out with additional text studies in the months ahead.
  • Overview—a brief description that explains the unit’s theme and provides a summary of what students will learn.
  • Essential Question—to highlight the key idea raised in the unit, a provocative question that has more than one possible answer.
  • Standards Checklist—an overview that indicates the standards covered in the unit, as well as “focus standards” that the unit has been designed to specifically address.
  • Student Objectives—to assist teachers in lesson planning, a description of the transferable ELA content and skills that students should possess when the unit is complete.
  • Reading Foundations (K–2)—a pacing guide of instructional goals for teaching the CCSS reading “Foundational Skills.”
  • Suggested Works—substantial lists of suggested literary and informational texts, handpicked by our teacher-writers and drawn heavily from the “exemplar texts” listed in the CCSS.
  • Art, Music, and Other Media—a list of works and at least one sample activity that teachers can use to extend students’ knowledge in these areas.
  • Sample Activities and Assessments—to show how specific content can be used to help students practice the skills described in the standards.
  • Terminology—concepts and terms that students will encounter over the course of the unit.
  • Lesson Plans—a possible sequence of lessons, using one or more suggested unit texts to meet focus standards.
  • Interdisciplinary Connections (K–5)—a broad list of content areas covered by the unit and suggested opportunities for making connections to other subjects, including history, civics, geography, and the arts.
  • Additional Resources—links to related background information, author interviews, and other instructional materials from a variety of resources.

While the materials included provide a firm foundation for standards-based instruction, The Wheatley Portfolio also gives school districts and educators the flexibility to determine the way English Language Arts will be taught in each classroom.

Read our FAQs to learn more about Common Core and The Wheatley Portfolio.

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The Importance of Quality Texts

Anchor Texts

Quality texts serve as the foundation of The Wheatley Portfolio, Common Core’s English curriculum.

The Wheatley Portfolio provides teachers with a broad selection of carefully curated texts that meet the levels of complexity and rigor called for by the Common Core State Standards. These suggested works inspire and shape each of our seventy-six thematic units. Stocking a classroom library with these titles provides students with easy and continual access to these engaging texts.

Common Core works with Schoolwide, Inc. to provide a convenient and affordable way to fill your classroom with these texts. The books are priced competitively, and can be ordered on a customized basis.

Click on the Wheatley Portfolio text order form to select the books you would like to order for your students. You can also click on the green “Order Books” button on the landing page of each unit.

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