• As overheard at our Eureka Math training in Albany, NY...
  • “1st graders are demonstrating mastery of concepts that last year's 1st graders could not.”
  • “I am seeing 'academic conversations' between students and them demanding evidence from each other. Wow!!!”
  • “I have a 5th grader and I am teaching him this way of doing multiplication as soon as I get home today.”
  • “I have a college student and sure wish he had the learned the 'how' and not just the algorithm.”
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The writers of Eureka Math will be leading sessions in Colchester, Connecticut from November 4-8 for grades K-5. Grade 1 is already sold out. Registration closes October 31st. Learn more

Math for Life After the Test

Read about how Eureka Math is not just demanding more, but offering more, to students and teachers. Learn More

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An expanded set of teacher and student printed editions, curated classroom toolkits, and new training videos make Eureka Math the most coherent and comprehensive suite of curriculum materials available today. Learn More

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Grade-level books containing ready-to-copy Sprint worksheets are now available from educator Bill Davidson and Eureka Math. These are full, year-long collections of Sprint fluency exercises, aligned with our Eureka Math curriculum. Learn More

Eureka Math considered the only Tier 1 Math Curriculum by LA Department of Education

Louisiana Department of Education has recognized Eureka Math as the lone submitted math curriculum demonstrating full alignment with the Common Core State Standards in mathematics. Read More

Eureka Math Writer Receives High Honors

Please join us in congratulating 4th grade Eureka Math writer Katrina Abdussalaam, who was just awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, the highest honor for teachers of mathematics and science.

Eureka Math Student Editions

Print Edition of Math Curriculum Available

Jossey-Bass is offering bound volumes of our math modules at discounted prices. Read more.

Achieve Recognizes Eureka Math Modules As Curriculum Exemplars

Educators Evaluating Quality Instructional Products (EQuiP) recognizes Eureka Math’s Grade 2 Module 1, "Sums and Differences to 20" lessons as exemplars through an evaluation process established by Achieve. Read more.

Louisiana State Superintendent of Education recommends Common Core Math Curriculum

The state praised the curriculum for its rigor and alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

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